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Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT) Inc.  provides innovative solutions to the commercial and research markets for technologies relating to pulsed power applications, high voltage nanosecond pulse generation, advanced plasma sources for laboratory, industrial, and materials science applications, and fusion energy technologies. EHT personnel have a unique skill set and can provide full system solutions in pulsed power design, plasma source and experimental plasma physics design and research, and advanced plasma diagnostics.

Click the image links below for our most requested product information:

Link to EHT Nanosecond Pulser

Link to EHT IGBT Switches

Link to EHT Integrators

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Please contact us to discuss your needs in our areas of expertise including:

  • Nanosecond Pulsers
  • Modular Custom Pulsed Power System Design and Fabrication
  • Ultra-Stable, High-Gain Integrators
  • Experimental Plasma Physics
  • High Voltage Trigger Systems
  • Ultra High Vacuum Design
  • Fusion Science and Plasma Diagnostics

skyblue microsystemsEHT is pleased to announce Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH based in Munich, Germany as our exclusive partner in EMEA for distribution of our full product line.