Nanosecond Pulsers

Our line of Nanosecond Pulsers offer unprecedented pulse control in a user friendly package. Key features are independently user controlled high voltage output, pulse repetition frequency, and pulse width. In addition, the EHT NSP series offers fast rise times in both low and high power models. The pulsers are ideal for driving NLTLs, DBDs, pseudosparks, and resistive loads for medical, aerospace, combustion, material science, and defense applications.

Arbitrary Pulse Generators

The EHT Arbitrary Pulse Generator Series allows users to generate high voltage square wave pulses over a wide frequency range with an adjustable duty cycle. These parameters can be varied from pulse to pulse. The floating output can be easily biased to meet an application’s requirements. These units can drive resistive, inductive, capacitive, and plasma-based loads. EHT’s patent pending Pre-Pulse Technology allows users to control pulse characteristics to produce crisp, clean waveforms by minimizing ringing on the load.


Fiber Optic Isolators (Laboratory safety)fiber optic isolators

EHT Fiber Optic Isolators provide fiber optic isolation to input TTL type control signals. Output signals have three nanosecond typical rise and fall times with sub-nanosecond jitter.  They can drive 50 Ω terminations. Output frequencies range from DC to 50 MHz. Standard 2.2 mm plastic fiber is used that requires no terminations or polishing. Fiber Optic Isolators provide both robust noise immunity and high voltage isolation to interlinked equipment.

Integrated Power Modules (Power Switching)high power IGBT switches

The EHT Integrated Power Modules (IPM) are high speed solid-state switches integrated with all of the components necessary to switch high currents into resistive or inductive loads. Connect these units to 120 VAC, a DC power supply, your load and you are ready to produce clean waveforms. They can operate from DC to 5 MHz and can deliver pulses down to 100 ns in width with fast rise times. Precision fiber optically isolated gate control allows these units to easily be operated in parallel and lowers switching losses. At high frequencies of operation, they are significantly more efficient than competing switches on the market.

 High Power Application Specific Power Supplies

EHT proxyEHT manufactures a wide range of application specific, high voltage and/or current power supplies. These are based on the Integrated Power Modules, and include Series, Parallel, Resonant, Nanosecond Pulser, and PWM configurations. A wide variety of high voltage and/or current arbitrary waveforms can be generated.


Integrators (Diagnostics)integrators

Analog integrators produce an output signal that is equal to the integral of the input signal. They find widespread use in converting the voltage created by magnetic pickup coils into a direct measurement of the magnetic field/current.  The EHT ultra stable integrators can operate from 100 nanoseconds to continuous, at frequencies up to 5 MHz, with microsecond scale RC time constants.  Due to their extremely high gain and high frequency of operation, the integrators have an unprecedented effective dynamic range. The EHT integrators dramatically exceed the ITER specifications for both integration error and pulse duration. They are ‘best of class’ in the world.

EHT proxyCharge/Dump Control (Laboratory safety)

The EHT Charge/Dump Control is a standardized system that automates the charging, dumping, and grounding of high voltage systems. It can be operated in both local and remote mode. Control logic provides AC ON power, lifts the charge/dump relays, and provides HV ON power. The Charge/Dump Control is an essential element of laboratory high voltage safety.