Charge/Dump Control

The EHT Charge/Dump Control is a standardized system that automates the charging, dumping, and grounding of high voltage systems. It can be operated in both local and remote mode. Control logic provides AC ON power, lifts the charge/dump relays, and provides HV ON power. The Charge/Dump Control is an essential element of laboratory high voltage safety.

Charge/Dump 10kV Relays (CD-10KV)

The CD-10kV is a charge/dump system designed to ensure laboratory safety. Rated for up to 10 kV, it allows safe charging and dumping of high energy capacitor banks. It is controlled by the CD-Control.

Charge/Dump Controller (CD-Control)

The CD-Control is a controller for the CD-10kV charge/dump system. It can be operated remotely with fiber optic control/BNC TTL or manually with front panel switches.