Charge/Dump 10 kV Relay (CD-10KV)EHT


– Safe charge and dump control, to 10 kV
– SHV connectorization
– 1 A peak charging and dumping current
– Charge and dump resistors are external to allow application specific sizing
– HV present warning LED
– Voltage monitor output

– Laboratory high voltage safety

The CD-10KV is a rack mountable charge/dump system that allows the user to safely charge and dump high voltage capacitor banks. When the 12 VDC control input is low, the capacitor bank is connected to ground through a set of dump resistors. When the control input is high, the capacitor bank is connected to the high voltage power supply.

Failure modes have been carefully considered to reduce the possibility of leaving a capacitor bank charged. Safety features include dual charge/dump relays, a built in voltage monitor, and failsafe front panel LEDs that glow dimly if any voltage above 100 V is present. The CDB is designed to be controlled by EHT’s CD-Control unit.

[Specify when ordering: capacitor bank size and voltage, and the charge and dump frequency, so the charge/dump resistors can be correctly sized]