Charge/Dump Control (CD-Control)EHT


– Controls up to four CD-10kV units
– Controls custom charge/dump units
– Remote fiber optic operation
– Front panel operation
– Switched ‘AC ON’ outlets for controlling associated equipment
– Switched ‘HV ON’ outlets for controlling the charging power supply

– Laboratory high voltage safety

The CD-Control is a charge/dump controller designed to work with the CD-10kV, as well as other custom charge/dump systems. It has three sequenced stages of control: ‘AC ON’, ‘C/D’, and ‘HV ON’. ‘HV ON’ can only be activated once ‘C/D’ has been activated, and ‘C/D’ can only be activated once ‘AC ON’ has been activated. The ‘AC ON’ and ‘HV ON’ each control power outlets on the back panel of the CD-Control, into which various experimental equipment can be plugged. ‘C/D’ controls a 12 VDC front panel BNC output which is used to control the CD-10kV, or a custom charge/dump system. Up to four CD-10kV units can be connected to this output.