Fiber Receiver – 1 Channel (FR-1)

FR-1 Product Brochure (PDF)
FR-1 Single Channel Fiber Receiver

– Single channel 2.2 mm fiber input
– Single channel 5 V 50 Ω BNC output
– DC to 50 MHz operation
– 3 ns typical rise and fall times
– Sub nanosecond jitter
– < 20 ns propagation delay

– Equipment isolation
– Digital signal isolation
– Laboratory and experiment automation

The FR-1 is an easy to use fiber optic isolator. It uses standard 2.2 mm plastic fiber that is simply cut to the needed length. No special fiber termination or polishing is required. It is designed to interface with EHT’s line of fiber optic transmitter products. The fast rise and fall times and low jitter are ideal for applications which require precision timing.