Fiber Receiver – 8 Channel (FR-8)

EHT FR-8 Brochure (PDF)
FR-8 Fiber Optic Isolator

– 8 channels 2.2 mm fiber and BNC input
– Master 2.2 mm fiber input and BNC to control all channels synchronously
– 8 channels 5 V 50 Ω BNC output
– DC to 50 MHz operation
– 3 ns typical rise and fall times
– Sub nanosecond jitter
– < 20 ns propagation delay
– 8 channels of slow high current form C relay output

– Equipment isolation
– Digital signal isolation
– Laboratory and experiment automation

The FR-8 is a 1U rack mountable fiber optic isolator. It uses standard 2.2 mm plastic fiber that is simply cut to the needed length. No special fiber termination or polishing is required. Designed with flexibility in mind, each channel has both BNC and fiber optic inputs. With a master input that controls all channels, the FR-8 is ideal for controlling multiple systems that must all trigger synchronously. Or, each channel can be independently controlled, either with the fiber inputs or BNC inputs. The BNC outputs can be used to trigger a variety of other systems, including EHT’s integrator products.

The FR-8 also has eight 16 A 250 V form C relays outputs. Each relay’s common, normally closed, and normally open pins are accessible on the back panel with screw terminal connections. When a channel is activated, its corresponding relay goes to the normally open position. This functionality allows the FR-8 to be used for a wide range of applications including power supply interlock control, charge/dump control, and general switching and control.

[Specify when ordering: input impedance]