Integrated Power Module


The EHT Integrated Power Module (IPM) was developed to simplify high-current, high frequency solid-state switching to allow customers to focus on applications rather than power system development. In a single 3U chassis, the IPM includes the solid-state switch, fiber optically isolated gate drive, freewheeling diodes, fast capacitors, snubbers (optional), and crowbar diodes (optional). Once connected to 120 VAC, your DC supply, control system, and load, the EHT IPM is ready to help you achieve your science and engineering goals.

EHT IPM Brochure (PDF)

Sample Specifications
• Absolute maximum voltage: 1200 V
• High frequency operation, DC to 5 MHz
• Single pulse current: 10 kA
• Continuous current example: 500 A at 30 kHz and 50% duty cycle (air cooled)
• Burst example: 2.5 kA at 100 kHz and 50% duty cycle for 10 ms
• Higher power operation with silicon carbide components and/or water cooling

Key Features
• Very low switching losses
• Fast rise/fall times
• Pulse widths down to 100 ns
• Control logic powered by 120 VAC, isolated to 5 kV (10 pF)
• Mounted in 3U rack mount chassis
• Fault detection with fiber optic output (optional)

EHT’s patented precision gate drive produces clean switching waveforms. The low jitter gate (< 5 ns) drive allows these units to be operated in parallel to drive even higher currents into your load. The precision gate drive produces very fast switch transitions, which significantly decreases the switching losses. At high frequency operation, they are significantly more efficient than competing switches on the market.

• High current magnet driver
• Precision PWM control
• Resonant power conversion
• Efficient switching power supplies
• Tube replacements
• High power MOSFET alternative

Tested for robustness in a variety of applications, the EHT IPM is resistant to EMI noise and can operate in harsh laboratory/experimental environments. Onboard voltage monitoring provides the user with feedback in the event of switch malfunction or overvoltage events. Optional built in snubbers and freewheeling diodes provide protection against reverse currents and inductive voltage spikes.

Example Application:
High Current Magnet Driver with Pulse Width Modulation Capabilities

EHT developed a power supply capable of switching 40 kA at 100 kHz PWM for driving an inductive load (electromagnet coils). The supply consisted of sixteen IPM-16PPs operating in parallel at 2.5 kA per module for 10 ms. The figure below shows the collector-emitter voltage of the IGBT (Ch2) and the current in the load (Ch3). Midway through the pulse, the pulse width was changed to change the current in the load.


This supply highlights the parallel operation, high current and high frequency capabilities of the IPMs. High switching frequencies and precise pulse width resolution allow for much finer PWM control than other solid-state-based PWM power supplies.