Integrator Short Pulse – 16 Channel (ISP-16)

View the EHT ISP-16 Integrator Product Brochure here (PDF)

– 16 differential independent integrator channels
– 3E-8 Vs/s figure of merit (RC*Drift Error/Run Time)
– 5 MHz bandwidth
– Stable operation to 10 s
– 1 µs to 100 ms RC time constant
– 50 Ω to 100 kΩ factory settable impedance input
– Low output impedance
– I/O connectorization includes BNC, RJ45, and SCSI

– Magnetic field measurements
– Current measurements
– Analog voltage integration

The ISP-16 is an ultra stable, high frequency, analog differential integrator. The period of integration can range from the sub microsecond up to 10 s and is controlled by an external gate. The integrators are standardly packaged in a 1U rack mountable chassis. A number of parameters are factory selectable based on the selected application including the I/O connectorization, the integration RC time constant, and the integrator input impedance.

The ISP-16 integrator measures both extremely small fields and extremely large fields with high precision. For example, if connected to a loop with a 0.1 m2 area (100 turns 3 cm in diameter) wound on ferrite with a relative permeability of 1000, the integrator would produce a 1 mV output when measuring a 100 pT field. When measuring medium to large fields, small air core pickup coils would be used. Since air core coils do not suffer saturation issues, the ISP-16 integrator can measure very large currents, for very long times, without the usual droop and saturation issues encountered when using standard current monitors/transformers. There is no inherent limit to the maximum field size or current that can be measured.

[Specify when ordering: RC time constant, input termination resistance]