Precision Pulsed Power Solutions

What We Do

Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT) Inc. provides innovative pulsed-power solutions to solve challenging problems for commercial and research markets. Our passion for discovery and physics-based approach allow us to develop unique solid-state switching systems that enable our customers to excel in their application space.

EHT’s precision pulsed-power systems and diagnostics are used by prime contractors, medical device companies, small businesses, government researchers, and university laboratories to advance low-temperature plasmas, fusion energy science, water treatment, combustion, semiconductor processing, space propulsion, and many other applications.

EHT Announcements

New Product: Spartan

EHT is pleased to introduce Spartan, our first high-voltage nanosecond pulser specifically designed for high-power industrial applications.  Spartan can efficiently drive capacitive loads, like grids, bias electrodes, and capacitive discharges, at pulse repetition frequencies up to 400 kHz and high average power. EHT incorporated water cooling to enable high-power operation in an industrial environment. EHT’s…

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New Product: Inductive Adder

The EHT Nanosecond Pulser – Inductive Adder (NSP-IA) was initially developed with the support of the Office of Naval Research to drive 50-Ω loads to 36 kV with sub-10 ns rise times and adjustable pulse widths at high pulse repetition frequency (up to 50 kHz). EHT incorporated this research work into a family of NSP-IA…

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EHT at PPPS 2019

EHT will be exhibiting at the Pulsed Power and Plasma Science Conference in Orlando, FL from 23 June to 28 June 2019 at Booth 9. This is a joint meeting of  the IEEE Pulsed Power Conference (PPC) and IEEE International Conference of Plasma Science (ICOPS). Additionally, our researchers and collaborators will be presenting on the…

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