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Precision Pulsed Power Solutions

What We Do

Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT) Inc. provides innovative pulsed-power solutions to solve challenging problems for commercial and research markets. Our passion for discovery and physics-based approach allow us to develop unique solid-state switching systems that enable our customers to excel in their application space.

EHT’s precision pulsed-power systems and diagnostics are used by prime contractors, medical device companies, small businesses, government researchers, and university laboratories to advance low-temperature plasmas, fusion energy science, water treatment, combustion, semiconductor processing, space propulsion, and many other applications.

EHT Announcements

In Memory of Dr. Robert Winglee

Everyone at EHT is deeply saddened at the news of Robert’s passing.  It is absolutely true that without Robert EHT would probably not have existed.  Four of the five founding members studied, worked, and collaborated with Robert.  I was one of Robert’s first graduate students and was his first experimental graduate student where he trusted…

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High Voltage Trigger System with Fast Rise Time

Dr. James Prager recently presented the initial results from a trigger system development program at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics. This solid-state trigger produced a 20 kV pulse into 50 Ω with sub 3 ns rise time while being designed to reduce size and cost. The poster can be…

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Supporting Fusion Energy

EHT is proud to support the development of fusion energy by donating our our solid-state full bridge modules to the University of Washington. These modules drive their helicity injectors on HIT to advance the state-of-the-art in fusion science. EHT and HIT have collaborated for many years. More information.

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Featured Applications