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Our Mission

To design and deliver precision pulsed-power systems that unlock new capabilities for our customers.


Our Vision

EHT designs and builds solid-state pulsed-power systems in the USA that redefines the standard for precision pulse control. Our solid-state switching expertise is reflected in our high-frequency pulsed-power systems that operate with nanosecond-scale precision.

At EHT, we believe that producing high-quality pulsed-power products that deliver precise and controllable pulses requires:

  • Scientists and engineers who understand the fundamental physics of solid-state switching as well as the complexity of our customers’ loads;
  • Tight integration of teams developing software, control hardware, and high voltage components;
  • Continuity through the design, build, test, and delivery process;
  • A dynamic and diverse team that is dedicated to learning and delivering high-quality products.

Quick Facts

Founded in 2005

Seattle, WA Headquarters

> 40 employees

35,000 sq-ft facility

12 SBIR Phase IIs

Over 85 granted patents

Our Story

EHT was founded in 2005 to develop innovative solutions to challenges in plasma science and pulsed power. Initially, EHT’s research and product development was supported by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), and the Department of Defense (DOD). These grants allowed us to develop new solid-state switching and plasma control capabilities.  Based on this research, we produced initial products for fusion energy and plasma science labs at universities and national labs.

Today, EHT’s primary focus is delivering robust pulsed-power systems to our customers, enabling them to be leaders in their industries. In parallel, EHT continues to conduct SBIR-supported research and development to stay at the forefront of solid-state pulsed power.

Our Advanced Facilities

EHT’s 35,000 sq. ft. facility includes offices, computer lab, manufacturing areas, a machine shop, inventory, high-voltage testing rooms, and ultra-high-vacuum testing areas.

Our 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is reconfigurable to adapt to projects of different scales from bench-top units to full rack systems and can support single power system builds to 100 units/year. The space allows easy access to our modern inventory system, machine shop (including additive manufacturing systems), and eight high-voltage test rooms. Our machining, electronics assembly, and low-voltage testing areas are equipped with all the necessary equipment such as soldering stations, power supplies, and function generators to allow engineers and scientists to rapidly design, prototype, assemble, and test a wide variety of circuits.

Our high-voltage test rooms are fully gated, isolated, and interlocked to keep personnel and equipment safe during high voltage operation. An 88-kW chiller system is used for water cooling of power systems, and thermal cameras allow test operators to monitor temperatures of critical components. Diagnostics and data acquisition include a variety of state-of-the-art oscilloscopes and probes allowing measurement of signals up to 2 GHz and 100 kV.

The Robert Winglee Plasma Laboratory contains three vacuum systems:

  • A 60 MHz capacitively-coupled plasma source for studying the interaction of plasma and pulsed power systems used for bias. The chamber is equipped with an Impedans Semion (ion energy analyzer);
  • A linear vacuum system for investing high power helicon and inductive plasma sources used as start-up plasma for fusion energy applications;
  • A small-scale vacuum system for plasma jets, electron beams, and probe evaluation.

The facility also includes access-controlled rooms with test facilities that can be used by our customers for long-term co-development programs.

Manufacturing line.
High voltage test room with thermal monitoring..

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