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Fusion Energy

For over a decade, EHT has built power systems to advance and commercialize fusion energy for magnets, valves, plasma sources, helicity injectors, neutral beams, and tube modulators. Additionally, our analog integrators simplify magnetic diagnostics.


EHT pulsed-power research and development is delivering new capabilities to accelerators. Our inductive adders produce precision high-voltage pulses with fast rise times for driving stripline kickers at accelerators and light sources.


EHT brings precision pulsed power to industrial-scale reversible and irreversible electroporation, cancer therapies, pulsed magnetic fields for diagnostics and pain mitigation, medical accelerators, atmospheric pressure plasmas for drug development, wound care, and sterilization.


EHT develops plasma sources and power systems for in-space electric propulsion, enhanced combustion, and active flow control. Additionally, our nondestructive evaluation tool can detect sub-surface cracks in complex metal surfaces like spacecraft walls or airframes.


EHT pulse generators enable our customers to develop solutions for producing fertilization in-situ, increasing food shelf life, removing chemicals of emerging concern from water, and solving other environmental challenges with plasma activated water.


EHT power systems are used for coil driving for metal additive manufacturing, insulation and standoff testing, advanced welding systems, as well as surface preparation for chemical treatments. Our advanced eddy-current tool can be used for nondestructive evaluation of metal objects.

Plasma Research

Universities, small business, and prime contractors use EHT power systems to produce and control atmospheric-pressure and low-pressure plasmas including dielectric barrier, jet, spark, capacitive, inductive, and helicon discharges for basic physics, plasma chemistry, and other applications.


EHT has delivered systems to government labs, universities, and prime contractors that use our pulse generators to drive high-power microwave sources like nonlinear transmission lines, RF tube modulators, and other effects generators.