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EHT’s precision pulsed power brings new reversible electroporation, irreversible electroporation (IRE), and high-frequency irreversible electroporation (H-FIRE) capabilities to medical applications. Our generators produce pulsed electric fields (PEF) for cell therapies (including CAR T), electrochemotherapy, pulsed field ablation (PFA) and cardiac ablation to treat atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia, soft-tissue ablation for cancer therapies, and drug/gene/nanoparticle delivery systems to treat cancer and other illnesses.

Our power systems can be customized to produce the waveforms needed to enhance your application and to be integrated with other tools and components in your process or procedure. Our engineers can take a power system from a prototype built for laboratory use to one that is ready for use in the clinic.

EHT power systems operate with both monopolar and bipolar electrodes and can produce monophasic, alternating monophasic, and biphasic pulses. Fast, high-voltage systems allow for nanosecond pulsed electric fields (nsPEF) at high pulse repetition frequency. We also build generators for applications that require lower voltages for longer durations. Our integrated control system allows for delivery of customized pulsed energy packets with complex timing requirements.

Other applications include pulsed magnetic fields for diagnostics and pain mitigation, medical accelerators, atmospheric pressure plasmas for drug development, wound care, and sterilization.