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High Voltage Modulators

EHT modulators are designed to generate precision high voltage pulses for tube and grid driving applications. These units can respond to changing load on fast timescales (< 10 µs). These units are unique in that they required low voltage inputs (< 1 kV) to produce high voltage outputs. EHT power systems have been used for neutral beam injection systems, klystron driving, and other high power RF tube driving.

Sample specifications are shown on the tabs below. These units can be customized. EHT also designs pulser generators to your specifications.

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Neutral Beam Power System Example


  • Input Voltage: 0 – 700 V
  • Output Voltage: 0 – 15 kV
  • Output Current: 0 – 40 A
  • Arc/Open System Shutdown Time: 3 µs
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency: 125 kHz
  • Allowable Duty Cycle: 5 – 42% where 50% is 4 µs of the 8 µs total period
  • Pulse Width: 8 µs – 100 ms
  • Shot Frequency: One per minute (0.016 Hz)
  • Control: External Fiber Control

15 kV for 7.5 ms pulse

Fast modulation of grid voltage. Voltage increases from 7.5 kV to 15 kV in 20 µs. Overshoot can be eliminated by changing switching duty cycle in real time.



50 kV Klystron Driver