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Low-Power Nanosecond Pulsers

The EHT low-power Nanosecond Pulsers (NSPs) provide a turnkey solution to researchers allowing them to easily drive capacitive loads, like dielectric barrier discharges and other low-temperature plasmas. These NSPs offer front panel control that allows users to independently adjust output voltage, pulse width, and pulse repetition frequency to optimize the pulses for their application.

These bench-top NSPs are available in multiple output voltages. For applications that require synchronizing the pulser with diagnostics, a fiber-optically isolated trigger is available (optional). Due to the fully integrated design, no external DC voltage input or external pulse control is required. Just plug the bench top unit in and begin your discovery.

The NSP low-power series has factory-set options needing to be specified at the time of order - please see the Configurable Options tab below before requesting a quote.

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Model NameVoltage (kV)Max PRF (kHz)Rise Time (ns)Pulse Width* (ns)Output Impedance (Ω)

Each pulser includes an internal, 120-W DC power supply.

Note: Specifications may not be simultaneous maximums at all output voltages.

Typical safe operating area - see manual for specific details.

Configurable Options
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