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Nanosecond Pulser - Spartan

The EHT Spartan is an efficient, high-power nanosecond pulser designed to bias electrodes, grids, and capacitive discharges commonly used in industrial settings for accelerator, semiconductor, water treatment, and surface modification applications.

Spartan offers user-adjustable waveforms including independent control of the output voltage, pulse width, and pulse repetition frequency. This flexibility allows for active precision control of industrial processes. This system can be directly triggered via fiber-optically isolated triggers or with EHT's controller that can be configured with a variety of industrial protocols.

Spartan is designed to be water cooled, which enables high pulse repetition frequency operation at high average power levels.



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Spartan is designed to efficiently drive capacitive loads. The system has the following specifications:
  • Output voltage: 0-8 kV (adjustable)
  • External DC power supply: 15 kW
  • Pulse repetition frequency: 0-400 kHz (adjustable pulse to pulse)
  • Pulse Rise Time: <70 ns (load dependent)
  • Pulse Width: 50-150 ns (adjustable)
Cooling requirement: Facility Water (or 7.5 kW and 200 kHz air cooled)