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Bipolar Microsecond Pulser

The EHT Bipolar Microsecond Pulser produces high-voltage square-pulses with fast rise times. The system is designed for biomedical applications like electroporation and driving high voltage electrodes. The internal Ethernet controller gives users precision control of pulses, bursts, and dwell times through a simple graphical user interface. This pulser allows researchers and businesses to rapidly develop new processes and quickly bring them to market.

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  • Simplifies biomedical application development
  • Independent, user control of positive and negative pulses
  • Precision timing control
    • Internal Ethernet controller with graphical user interface (see control interface tab)
    • Direct fiber-optically isolated switch control integrates to synchronize with external equipment
    • Built-in shoot-through protection
  • Fiber-optically isolated gate control
  • Overcurrent protection with latching logic
  • System controller can be customized


  • Output voltage: 0 - ±3 kV (bipolar)
  • Peak current: 200 A
  • Pulse width: 500 ns - DC (droop set by energy storage and user's load)
  • Max pulse repetition frequency: 100 kHz (burst)
  • Stored internal energy: 20 J at 3 kV (additional storage can be added)

* May not be simultaneous maximums - contact us with application questions.

Control Interface
Output Waveforms