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High Voltage Pulse Generator

EHT High Voltage Pulse Generators are designed to provide precision control over the output waveform to enable process optimization for research and industrial customers. They have been designed to drive plasma loads for medical devices, basic research, and semiconductor processing.

Sample specifications are shown on the tabs below. Units that operate at higher pulse repetition frequency and higher average power are available. These units can be customized, and pulser generators can be designed to your specifications.

EHT High Voltage Pulse Generators can be combined with the EHT Control Module to remotely control switching and the associated DC power supply.

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Sample Specifications (5 kV)


  • Output voltage: 0 - 5 kV
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Rise time: < 80 ns (best estimate is less than 60 ns)
  • Pulse width: 200 ns - 10 µs (5% droop at 10 µs into 50 Ohms)
  • On board energy storage: > 2 µF (> 100 J at 10 kV input voltage)
  • Frequency: 0 - 100 Hz
  • DC input voltage: 0 - 10 kV
  • DC input power: > 200 W (DC power may limit maximum pulse width and frequency combinations)
  • Load: 50 Ω
  • Arc tolerant: Yes (50 Ω internal resistance)
  • Output connector type: Coaxial
  • Control: Fiber optic, 5 V into 50 Ω (Fiber gate sets outset pulse width)
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