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Pulse Amplifier/Puff Valve Driver

The EHT Pulse Amplifier offers a simple way to generate high voltage pulses up to 800 V. This unit includes four independently triggered channels and features a dual voltage isolated internal supply that can rapidly actuate valves, and then hold them open continuously. The user can choose whether to connect an external higher power voltage source up to 800 V, or can elect to use the internal power supplies. This module is controllable via fiber or BNC input, at frequencies up to 50 kHz.

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  • Four independently timed output channels
  • Three user-selected voltage sources (see block diagram tab)
    • 300 V internal power supply
    • 0 - 18 V internal keep alive supply
    • User supplied higher power external supply, 0 - 800 V
  • 10 A per channel, with bursts to 40 A
  • Frequency up to 250 Hz
  • < 100 ns output rise times
  • Remote control through fiber or BNC input
  • Short circuit protection


  • Output voltage: 0 - 800 V
  • Current
    • Maximum pulsed: 40 A
    • Continuous: 10 A
  • Max pulse repetition frequency: 50 kHz
  • Rise time: < 100 ns
  • Form factor: 2U rack mount box
  • Channels: 4
Circuit Block Diagram