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Plasma Sources & Applications (DBD/Helicon/Jet+sterilization/H2O/EUV) Archives - Eagle Harbor Technologies

DOE SBIR Phase I/II: Improving Ion Control for Semiconductor Processing with Repetitive Pulsed Power

Abstract The ability to use plasma etching to produce high aspect ratio (HAR) features is becoming increasingly important as the market demands solid-state non-volatile memory storage. In order to minimize bowing and twisting defects in HAR features, precision control of the ion energy distribution function (IEDF) is required. Additionally, HAR etching requires longer processing time,…

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NASA SBIR Phase I: Large-Area, Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet for Spacecraft Surface Sterilization for Planetary Protection

The planetary science community is interested in exploring solar system bodies with the potential for life detection, which requires technologies that implement Contamination Control for Planetary Protection. Currently, the only approved full-system microbial reduction method is dry heat microbial reduction, which requires heating of the spacecraft to high temperature for a fixed length of time…

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NASA SBIR Phase I: Development of a Plasma Injector for Supersonic Drag Reduction

Methods to reduce the turbulent viscous skin friction stand out as paramount to increasing the energy efficiency, and therefore the aerodynamic efficiency of supersonic aircraft. Eagle Harbor Technology (EHT) proposes to develop and optimize a MHD plasma injector, which will be used to efficiently reduce the viscous skin friction in supersonic aircraft. EHT has developed…

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DOE STTR Phase I/II: Low-Impurity, Electrode-less Pre-ionizer Plasma Gun for Innovative Confinement Concepts

Innovative Confinement Concepts (ICC), like the spheromak and the field reversed configuration (FRC), provide an opportunity to study magnetic confinement in geometries other than the tokamak and may provide an alternative path to fusion energy. Many ICCs require a pre-ionizer or plasma injector in order to improve shot-to-shot repeatability. A pre-ionizer must meet several critical…

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