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Magnetic Diagnostics Archives - Eagle Harbor Technologies

Current Measurements

EHT integrators have been used for high current measurements in applications were current transformers saturate. The figures shows a 2.5 kA current pulse for 10 ms. The current transformer (green) saturates after a few milliseconds. The EHT integrator, paired with a Rogowski coil, was able to measure the whole pulse. The kink in the current…

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Magnetic Field Measurements

EHT integrators measure both extremely small fields and extremely large fields with high precision. For example, if connected to a loop with a 0.1 m2¬†area (100 turns 3 cm in diameter) wound on ferrite with a relative permeability of 1000, the integrator would produce a 1 mV output when measuring a 100 pT field. When…

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