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Nonlinear Transmission Line Driving

Inductive adder driving a diode-based nonlinear transmission line.

The EHT NSP-IA was originally designed for driving nonlinear transmission lines (NLTLs) for high-power microwave generation. NLTLs are constructed of elements or materials with a nonlinear permittivity or permeability, which results in a pulse propagation speed that is voltage or current dependent. When a square pulse with a fast rise time is input into the NLTL, the leading edge is sharpened. With certain line designs, the pulse will begin to oscillate at high frequency. EHT has used the inductive adder to drive both lumped-element NLTLs and gyromagnetic NLTLs.


Oscillations from diode-based NLTL. Peak voltage is 30 kV and frequency is 400 MHz.