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Application Specific Product Customization (40kA Sierra IPM/custom waveforms/Igniter driver Archives - Eagle Harbor Technologies

Rapid Capacitor Charging

EHT has modified 5 kW nanosecond pulsers to rapidly charge larger capacitors (up to 4 nF) for a specific customer application. The unit was designed to charge capacitors up to 4 nF in 100 – 300 ns (depending on capacitance). The pulser was tolerant to shorts for up to 3 seconds. Continuous Operation Output Voltage:…

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40 kA PWM Coil Driver

A customer needed a solution for driving a high current (40 kA) and maintaining a flat top for 10 ms in an electromagnetic coil. In order to minimize the ripple on the coil, the circuit would need to pulse width modulate at 100 kHz. Working with the customer, EHT performed initial circuit modeling to determine…

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