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Pulsed Power Systems (HV resonant driver) Archives - Eagle Harbor Technologies

Inductive Adder for Nanosecond-Scale High Voltage Pulses into Low-Impedance Loads

Update (05/6/2019): EHT has developed a family of commercial products around the inductive adder topology. Check out the NSP-IA family for more details. EHT inductive adders allow for high voltage pulses into 50 Ω loads with nanosecond-scale rise times. This topology offers many advantages: All drive components are ground referenced eliminating switching jitter issues and…

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Arc Pulse Width Modulation

Using the Integrated Power Module (IPM), which is a high current solid-state switch, and high voltage nanosecond pulsers (NSPs), EHT developed a solid-state system to initiate, drive, and modulate an arc. By decoupling the high voltage pulse required to initiate breakdown and the high current required to sustain the arc, each component can be controlled…

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Fast Magnetic Reduction/Reestablishment Supply

For a customer, EHT designed and built a power supply to drive magnetic field coils. The coil current profile needed to rise to a flat top, then drop to near zero, and finally re-establish at the same flat top value. EHT engineers designed an IGBT-based solution to accomplish this task. Initial work was performed in…

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Electron Gun Driver

  In 2010, EHT developed a 10 kV, 1 kA electron gun driver. This power supply used twelve IGBT-based switches arranged in a series stack configuration and was capable of fast rise/fall times. A system schematic is shown in the figure. In addition to developing the series stack of IGBT switches, EHT developed a fiber-optically…

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