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Nanosecond-scale HV Measurements

For many applications, precision measurements of the load voltage and current are critical to the application design, optimization, or real-time feedback and control. In the case of plasma loads, like dielectric barrier discharges, high quality measurements of current and voltage are critical for understanding the energy deposited into the plasma and the timescales over which this occurs.

Example experimental setup to voltage and current waveforms on a DBD generated with an EHT Nanosecond Pulser.

Throughout the development of EHT’s Nanosecond Pulser product lines, our engineers have worked hard to overcome the measurements┬áchallenges on the nanosecond timescale. Stray inductance and capacitance can greatly influence the measurements on these nanosecond timescales. EHT engineers have qualified a variety of resistors, capacitors, and probes for making clean measurements and overcome many of the measurement challenges.

EHT has assisted its customers with these challenging measurements. In several cases, our engineers have traveled to customer labs to provide hands on guidance with these measurements on unique customer loads. Prior to travel, EHT engineers look at photos or engineering drawings of customer loads to prepare measurement techniques to ensure the highest quality when on site. What at a customer facility, EHT provides professional measurement assistance with the goal of setting up the customer to be self-sufficient in the future.