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Charge/Dump Systems

EHT Charge/Dump Systems are a remote controlled solution for safely charging, dumping, and grounding high voltage capacitor banks. For low voltage/low storage operation, the control can be operated by front panel switches. For higher voltage/energy storage applications, the control can be operated remotely via fiber-optically isolated gates. Control logic provides signals to turn on AC power, lift the charge/dump relays, and turn on HV power. The EHT Charge/Dump systems are an essential element of laboratory high-voltage safety.

Our fiber transmitter products allow for easy integration into larger laboratory or industrial control systems.


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Sample Specs

The Charge/Dump Control sends control signals to relays located in the capacitor bank box. For pulsed power applications, the capacitor bank can be discharged between pulses (typically several minutes between shots). In this case, EHT designed and constructed a customized box to contain the capacitor bank and charge/dump relays.

  • Charge voltage: 650 V
  • Capacitance: 56.8 mF
  • Max stored energy: 12 kJ
  • Charging resistor: 6 Ω
  • Dump resistor: 37.5 Ω