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Control Module

The EHT Control Module provides robust, timing and control signals that can be fiber isolated for driving solid-state repetitive pulsed-power systems. The module can be set up to control the full bridges, generate triggers, and set levels on associated DC power system. There are options for EtherCAT, interlocks, and additional sensor inputs. This system can simplify control via graphical user interface.


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  • Control via Ethernet/GUI
  • Eight (8) output channels (fiber or BNC)
    • Pulse repetition frequency: 1 Hz - 1 MHz
    • Pulse width: 20 ns to 4 s
    • Number of pulses per burst: 232 (~4.3 billion)
    • Burst repetition frequency: 0.05 Hz - 1 MHz
    • Delay up to burst period
  • Internal and external trigger
    • Delay: 206 ns
    • Jitter: ±4 ns
  • Interlock input
  • DC power supply control
    • Interlock
    • Set output voltage and current
    • Record voltage and current
  • EtherCAT (optional)
  • Additional sensor inputs (optional): water flow, IR camera, etc.
  • Input connector: NEMA C15 (85-265 VAC)
  • Dimensions:
    • 19” width x 3.47” height x 7.58” depth (with rack-mount flange)
    • 17.59” width x 3.22” height x 7.58” depth (without rack-mount flange)

Note: We are constantly improving the controller capabilities, please contact us for the latest or customized specifications.

Front Panel
Sample Pulse Trains
Graphical User Interface