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Magnetic Diagnostics (ILP/PMP) Archives - Eagle Harbor Technologies

NASA SBIR Phase I/II: Precision Eddy Current Sensor for Nondestructive Evaluation of Spacecraft Structures

NASA develops and manufactures complex high-performance structures for space applications. Structural damage to spacecraft during missions can often be difficult to detect especially in multilayered or deep subsurface levels, including spacecraft structures, multilayered walls, and pressure tanks. For example, corrosion can occur beneath layer stack-ups and near fasteners that can be under at least 0.2”…

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DOE SBIR Phase I: High-Resolution and Frequency, Printed Miniature Magnetic Probes

In modern fusion concepts, inductive pickup loops are one of the primary magnetic diagnostics in tokamaks and small-scale concept exploration experiments. They are used in industries and laboratories that utilize and study low-temperature plasmas. Inductive pickup loops are capable of extremely high bandwidths, allowing for the measurements of both high frequency magnetic perturbations (requires microsecond…

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