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Navy SBIR Phase I/II: Compact, Repetitive Pulsed Power Driver Design for Emerging High Power Radio Frequency Sources

The United States Navy is interested in developing small vessel mounted and man-portable directed energy weapons. One key technology in this endeavor is the development of high power radio frequency (HPRF) sources. While much work is being done to advance the state of the art in HPRF sources, the drivers for these sources have not advanced as far. To address the U.S. Navy”s need for HPRF source drivers for directed energy weapons, Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT), Inc. is proposing to develop a HPRF source driver capable of meeting the Navy’s requirements. The proposed driver is based on EHT”s Integrated Power Module (IPM), which is an innovative, highly modular IGBT-based system designed as a high power solid-state RF tube replacement for current drive and heating applications within the fusion science community. Under the proposed Phase I SBIR, EHT will design, build and test, an IPM with an output transformer capable of variable output voltages (up to 50 kV) with adjustable pulse widths at adjustable and high repetition rates (>100 kHz).