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Navy SBIR Phase I: Fast Rise-time High Power Radio Frequency (HPRF) Pulse Shaping

Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc. (EHT) is collaborating with theĀ Pulsed Power and Power Electronics Center at Texas Tech University (TTU) to develop a high-power microwave switch that is capable of very fast rise times, adjustable pulse width, and high pulse repetition frequency (PRF). EHT has developed solid-state pulsed power systems that has the potential to improve the performance of the TTU microwave switch and demonstrate high PRF operation. The goal of this SBIR program is to develop a low-cost, compact, microwave switch that can significantly increase the U.S. Navy directed energy capabilities.

The result of this program will be the development of a high-power microwave switch that can be utilized for directed energy applications including supporting a Radio-Frequency Vehicle Stopper (RFVS) under development at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division. The RFVS is designed to stop vehicles carrying improvised explosive devices before they can reach their targets. Additionally, the precision control of the proposed system will provide a low-cost method for high power RF component and systems survivability testing for both military and commercial applications.