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High-Voltage Pulse Generators Archives - Eagle Harbor Technologies


Pulsed electric fields applied to cells can increase the permeability of the cell membrane. Drugs, DNA, nanoparticles, and other chemicals can be introduced into the cell through these temporary pores in the cell membrane. This reversible electroporation requires precision control of the output voltage and pulse widths. Longer pulses and/or higher field strengths can cause…

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Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets

The APPJ has the advantage that the plasma is ejected from a device (up to several centimeters) and travels to the surface to be sterilized. Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT), Inc. is proposing to develop a large-area APPJ for spacecraft surface sterilization. EHT will leverage the previously developed EHT nanosecond pulser, which provides unprecedented control of…

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Dielectric barrier discharge

EHT pulse generators have been used to generate a wide range of dielectric barrier discharges for medical devices, basic research, surface modification and many other applications.

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