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Inductive Adder Archives - Eagle Harbor Technologies

Nanoparticle Production

Nanoparticles can be produced with non-thermal plasmas (NPTs). They can process materials that are difficult or even impossible to handle with other processing schemes, making them particularly useful for the synthesis of a wide range of materials in nanoparticle form. The nonequilibrium environment enables the synthesis of nanocrystals with excellent crystallinity and narrow size distributions.…

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Nonlinear Transmission Line Driving

The EHT NSP-IA was originally designed for driving nonlinear transmission lines (NLTLs) for high-power microwave generation. NLTLs are constructed of elements or materials with a nonlinear permittivity or permeability, which results in a pulse propagation speed that is voltage or current dependent. When a square pulse with a fast rise time is input into the…

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