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New Product: Inductive Adder - Eagle Harbor Technologies

The EHT Nanosecond Pulser – Inductive Adder (NSP-IA) was initially developed with the support of the Office of Naval Research to drive 50-Ω loads to 36 kV with sub-10 ns rise times and adjustable pulse widths at high pulse repetition frequency (up to 50 kHz). EHT incorporated this research work into a family of NSP-IA products. The NSP-IA family is designed around a 12-kV module that can be stacked in series and/or operated in parallel to produce higher output voltage and/or higher currents. The 12 and 24-kV pulsers can drive lower impedance loads with sub-10 ns rise times or 50-Ω loads with faster rise times.

The NSP-IA can drive stripline kickers in particle accelerators, nonlinear transmission lines for high power microwave production, resistive loads, and a variety of plasma reactors.