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Nanosecond Pulser - Inductive Adder

The compact EHT Nanosecond Pulser Inductive Adders (NSP-IA) generates high voltage pulses with fast rise times into low-impedance loads . EHT originally developed these to drive nonlinear transmission lines (NLTLs) for high-power microwave production for the Office of Naval Research. Today, these pulsers are used in a wide range of applications including accelerator physics, pulsed power research, water decontamination, plasma control, pulsed radar systems, and high-power microwave production.

Each NSP-IA offers the user independent control of the output voltage, pulse width, and pulse repetition frequency. The inductive adders ship with an external DC power supply that allows the user to control the output voltage and average power of the pulser.

To address corona and heating issues in the cable for the highest voltage inductive adders, EHT developed a custom SF6 filled cable that safely enables high voltage operation at high average power.

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One ModuleTwo ModulesThree Modules
Peak Output Voltage12 kV24 kV36 kV
Rise Time into 50 Ω Impedance8 ns8 ns10 ns
Min Load Impedance16.7 Ω33.3 Ω50 Ω
Rise Time into Min Load Impedance10 ns10 ns10 ns
Min Pulse Width to Full Voltage30 ns30 ns30 ns
Max Pulse Width120 ns120 ns120 ns
Max Pulse Repetition Frequency (Continuous)25 kHz25 kHz25 kHz
Max Pulse Repetition Frequency (Burst)50 kHz50 kHz50 kHz

Additional modules can be added in series and/or parallel to generate higher voltages and drive lower impedance loads.