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Biomedical Bipolar Nanosecond Pulser

The Biomedical Bipolar Nanosecond Pulser (NSP) brings precision control and bipolar waveforms to pulsed field ablation (PFA) applications. This bipolar nanosecond pulser can produce nanosecond-scale to microsecond-scale high-voltage pulses at high frequency that are higher voltage and faster than other pulse generators on the market. These capabilities have the potential to improve cardiac ablation procedures for treating atrial fibrillation and tachycardia without the need for heat, cold, or RF-energy based treatments.

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  • Voltage: 0 - ±10 kV
  • Current: 0 - ±150 A
  • Output: Bipolar, floating electrodes with neither ground referenced.
  • Pulse parameters:
    • Positive pulse width: 0.1 - 5 μs (always same as negative pulse width)
    • Negative pulse width: 0.1 - 5 μs (always same as positive pulse width)
    • Dwell: 0 - 100 μs
    • Pulse repetition frequency: 1 Hz - 500 kHz
  • Burst parameters:
    • Burst width: single pulse to 500 μs
    • Burst repetition frequency: 1 - 10 Hz
  • Energy storage: 1 kJ
  • Control: LAN or Fiber trigger
  • Arc tolerant: Yes
Software and Control Interface