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Perseus: 20 kW Bipolar Pulsed-DC Generator

Perseus is bipolar pulsed-DC generator that can produce waveforms on a wafer surface for improved ion energy distribution (IED) control compared to traditional RF. The voltage, pulse width, pulse frequency, and burst patterns are all user controlled. Active energy recovery offers high-efficiency operation at high average power.

Perseus is an ideal choice for building out new state-of-the-art 300 mm processing facilities or retrofitting  older 200 mm systems.


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Electrical Specifications

Maximum Electrical Specifications

  • Output voltage: 0-16 kV
  • Waveform type: bipolar
  • Peak output current: 110 A
  • Max pulse repetition frequency: 600 kHz
  • Max average input power: 20 kW
  • Peak efficiency: > 80% (load dependent)


Mechanical Specifications
Control and Sensors