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Full-Bridge Module

The EHT Full-Bridge Module is a IGBT or SiC MOSFET-based full bridge designed to drive resistive, inductive, and resonant loads. The EHT full bridge includes independent, fiber-optically isolated gates for each leg of the full bridge allowing the user to control which bridge legs are in forward conduction vs freewheeling. Integrated safety features prevent shoot-through.

The EHT full bridge simplifies can be combined with the EHT Control Module to remotely control switching and the associated DC power supply.

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  • Ideal for electromagnetic coil and resonant load driving
  • Independent, user control of full bridge legs
  • Fiber-optically isolated gate control
  • Built-in shoot-through protection
  • Simply control of multiple SPAs in parallel with FT4x4-IC8


  •  Voltage:
    • Absolute maximum: 1200 V
    • Maximum recommend: 800 V
  • Current
    • Maximum pulsed: 2000 A
    • Continuous wave (CW): 200 A
  • Switching frequency
  • CW: 100 kHz
  • Burst: 2 MHz
  • Duty cycle: 0-100%
  • Pulse width: 100 ns - DC

Fiber-Optically Isolated Gate Drive

EHT’s patented precision gate drive produces clean switching waveforms. The low jitter gate (< 5 ns) drive allows these units to be operated in parallel to drive even higher currents into your load. The precision gate drive produces very fast switch transitions, which significantly decreases the switching losses. At high frequency operation, they are significantly more efficient than competing switches on the market. (FT-1s are included)

Fiber Optic Transmitter with Interlock Control (FT4x4-IC8)