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High-Power Solid-State Switches

The EHT Integrated Power Module (IPM) was developed to simplify high-current, high frequency solid-state switching to allow customers to focus on applications rather than power system development. In a single 3U chassis, the IPM includes the solid-state switch, fiber optically isolated gate drive, freewheeling diodes, fast capacitors, snubbers (optional), and crowbar diodes (optional). Once connected to 120 VAC, your DC supply, control system, and load, the EHT IPM is ready to help you achieve your science and engineering goals.

The IPM can be combined with the EHT Control Module to remotely control switching and the associated DC power supply.

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  • Absolute maximum voltage: 1200 V
  • Recommended operating voltage: 800 V
  • Current specifications:
    • Single pulse current: 10 kA
    • Burst example: 2.5 kA at 100 kHz and 50% duty cycle for 10 ms
    • Continuous current: 500 A at 30 kHz and 50% duty cycle (air cooled)
  • Rise/fall times: 10 ns (load dependent)
  • Pulse widths: 100 ns - continuous


  • Chassis size: 14.25" x 17.5" x 5.25" (3U)
  • Weight: 25 lb
  • Rack mountable

Fiber-Optically Isolated Gate Drive

EHT’s patented precision gate drive produces clean switching waveforms. The low jitter gate (< 5 ns) drive allows these units to be operated in parallel to drive even higher currents into your load. The precision gate drive produces very fast switch transitions, which significantly decreases the switching losses. At high frequency operation, they are significantly more efficient than competing switches on the market. (FT-1 is included)

Other Features

  • Fault detection with fiber optic output (optional)
  • All control voltages are produced from 120 VAC that is isolated to 5 kV (10 pF)
  • Resistant to EMI noise and can operate in harsh laboratory/experimental environments
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