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Current Research Archives - Eagle Harbor Technologies

DOE SBIR Phase I: Power System for Long-Pulse Neutral Beam Injectors

Neutral beam injection (NBI) is an important tool for plasma heating, current drive and a diagnostic at fusion science experiments around the United States, including tokamaks, validation platform experiments, and privately funded fusion concepts. The difficulty in producing power systems that can respond rapidly (10 ┬Ás) at high voltage (10 to 100 kV) for beam…

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DOE SBIR Phase I/II: A High Voltage Fast Switching Power Module for Active Control of Magnetic Fields and Edge Plasma Currents in Fusion Validation Platform

Fast, reliable, real-time control of plasma is critical to the success of magnetic fusion science and is thought to be required for successful deployment of future power producing reactors. The development of efficient and robust solid-state switches for power systems for fast control of large inductance magnetic field coils, pulsed and/or modulated auxiliary radio frequency…

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