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High-Power Nanosecond Pulsers

The EHT high-power Nanosecond Pulsers (NSPs) are designed for industrial customers or researchers with higher power needs. These units offer user adjustable waveforms including independent control of the output voltage, pulse width, and pulse repetition frequency. This flexibility allows researchers to optimize the output to their application, while offering industrial customers precision waveform control to manage their processes in real time.

The NSPs have three output voltage ratings in each power class. These units are turnkey systems, where an approved external DC voltage power supply is provided, but external pulse control is not required. For applications that require synchronizing the pulser with diagnostics, a fiber-optically isolated trigger is available (optional). See the table below for specifications.

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Model NamePower* (kW)Voltage (kV)Max PRF (kHz)Rise Time (ns)Pulse Width (ns)

* Power is measured at DC supply

Note: Specifications may not be simultaneous maximums at all output voltages.

Typical safe operating area - see manual for specific details.

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