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Nanosecond Pulser - Controlled Energy

The EHT Nanosecond Pulser with Controlled Energy (NSP-CE) is a turnkey-solution to drive plasma discharges with precise and adjustable amounts of energy per pulse at high pulse repetition frequency while delivering real power to the plasma. These systems are ideal for enhanced combustion, hydrogen production, and plasma research.

When triggered, the NSP-CE rapidly charges the output cable capacitance, which is connected to the user's electrodes. When the gas between the electrodes breaks down, all the energy stored in the cable capacitance is discharged in the user's load and not reflected back to the power system.

The NSP-CE can be combined with the EHT Control Module to remotely control switching and the associated DC power supply.

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  • Controlled energy per pulse to plasma discharge
  • Simplifies power delivery to plasma discharge
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Thermal fault protection
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