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Bilevel/Dual-Channel Pulse Generator

The EHT Bilevel/Dual-Channel Pulse Generator produces high-voltage square-pulses for electrode driving, grid biasing applications, and plasma sources. The two channels can be used together to produce bilevel waveforms or independently to drive two separate loads. These units are simple to operate, and allow the user to rapidly install a robust pulsed power system for plasma or biomedical applications.

The EHT Bilevel/Dual-Channel Pulse Generator can be combined with the EHT Control Module to remotely control switching and the associated DC power supply.


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  • Use the two channels together to generate bilevel output waveforms
  • Independent, user control pulse width and pulse repetition frequency
  • Fiber-optically isolated gate control
  • Overcurrent protection with latching logic
  • Operates with user's DC power supplies
Output Waveforms