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Industrial NSP Archives - Eagle Harbor Technologies


EHT power systems can produce nonthermal plasma (NTP) for the agricultural sector. NPTs are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional agrochemical treatments used in pre- and post-harvest. They can remove pesticides and contaminants from the seed surface, increase the shelf life of crops, improve germination, and enhance resistance to abiotic stress. Pre-treatment of seeds and seedlings…

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Surface Modification

EHT power systems can be used for plasma surface activation, which modifies the chemical properties of the surface. The high-energy particles in the plasma interact with the surface, breaking the existing chemical bonds and creating new active sites. These active sites can enhance the surface’s reactivity, making it more amenable to bonding with other materials.…

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Textile Treatment

Nonthermal plasma technology is revolutionizing the textile industry by offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to conventional wet chemical processing treatments. This technology is used for surface modification and functionalization of cellulosic fabrics, enhancing their properties without altering their bulk characteristics. The process works at room temperature and generates a large number of chemically reactive…

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Thin Films

EHT power systems can be used for a variety of thin film applications including solar and display. Our power systems can be used to bias surfaces to produce directional fluxes of particles for sputtering and evaporation. Additionally, these power systems can be used to produce nonthermal plasmas for atmospheric-pressure plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. These techniques…

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