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Hoplite: 5 kW Industrial Nanosecond Pulser

The EHT Hoplite Nanosecond Pulser (NSP) can drive large-area capacitive and plasma loads for high-volume, industrial applications like surface activation, gas reforming, gas scrubbing, ozone reaction, nitrogen fixing, surface biasing, and water treatment.

Typical loads include plasma bias electrodes, dielectric barrier discharges, capacitors, resistors, and spark discharges. With advanced energy recovery, this system can efficiently operate at up to 5 kW of average power. This system can easily be integrated with industrial control systems.

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Electrical Specifications

Maximum Electrical Specifications

  • Output voltage: 0-18 kV
  • Peak output current: 130 A
  • Max capacitive load for full voltage: 400 pF
  • Max average input power: 5 kW
  • Peak efficiency: > 80% (load dependent)

Pulse Parameters with 400 pF at 18 kV (65 mJ/pulse)

  • Pulse width (FWHM): 180 ns
  • Pulse rise time (10-90%):  70 ns
  • Pulse fall time (90-10%): 215 ns
  • Max pulse repetition frequency:
    • Continuous: 80 kHz
    • Burst: 600 kHz


Mechanical Specifications
Control and Sensors