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Electroporation Bipolar Pulse Generator

The EHT Electroporation Bipolar Pulse Generator enables high-volume electroporation applications. It has allowed companies to automate cell therapies and increase the throughput, thereby reducing the cost of these critical treatments and expanding access.

This bipolar pulse generator gives users independent control over the voltage, positive and negative pulse widths, dwell times between pulses, and pulse repetition frequency. This control allows users to quickly optimize the pulses for their electroporation process and reduce the time to market.

EHT engineers can help customize these units for specific applications. For higher voltages and lower currents, check out the Bipolar (Biphasic) Microsecond Pulser.

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  • Waveform shape: bipolar square
  • Max output voltage: ±700 V
  • Output current: 0-880 A
  • Pulse width: 500 ns - 1 ms*
  • Pulse repetition frequency: 0-1 MHz
  • Average power: 90 W (upgradable to higher average power)
  • Arc tolerant
  • 3U Rackmount box

* Max pulse width is limited by internal energy storage. This is upgradable to extend to longer pulse widths for different applications.

Note: This system has received a limited component evaluation (LCE) as part of a larger system. It has been designed for a certification of IEC 61010.